Welcome to TLI. We help people grow.

TLI is a privately owned Australian Organisation. Our key founder, Paul Booth combines
the skills, knowledge and experience that comes from over 20 years of direct involvement
in Learning and Development. Paul’s leadership and executive experience has been
gained across many industries in the private and public sectors and draws upon what he
has experienced that works.
As a group, our communication & training philosophy is based on the science of NLP &
we comprise a national network of freelance trainers, coaches and facilitators all of
whom have vast experience in the corporate world and hold training qualifications
(Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment as a minimum).
TLI facilitators are all members of the Institute of Learning Practitioners.

We value:

  • Honouring commitments wholeheartedly
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Playing harmoniously
  • Creative and surprising solutions
  • Flexibility in approach

Enlightening would be the word
describing it all! Learned a lot –
potential for quantum leap.

TLI Course Feedback


One of the best, if not the best
presentation of this nature I have
participated in.

TLI Course Feedback


Very effective at challenging how
I currently think and opened my
mind to other ideas.

TLI Course Feedback


The Enneagram is a profound
ancient oral tradition framework
for understanding personality.